English reading and writing

Please write the following 3 separately. You don’t need to include titles.

Reading 1: Marx and Engels: The Communist Manifesto, Parts I and II, pp. 63-85
Writing: 1 page. Response to The Communist Manifesto, Parts I and II. Which passages do you agree or disagree with? Which ideas do you see applied in the contemporary U.S.? Include any quotes you find particularly interesting and any questions that arise in you about the text.

Reading 2: Thoreau, “Civil Disobedience,” in reader.
Writing: 2 page response to “Civil Disobedience.” What are the most important ideas in Thoreau’s essay and what do you make of them? To what extent does Thoreau offer solutions to societal problems?

Reading 3: Plato, “Apology” (review) and “Crito”
Writing: 2 page response to “Crito.” Why does Socrates believe he would be doing wrong by escaping from jail? Reconstruct his arguments. He claims that if people don’t follow the laws, then society can’t function, and refuses to treat himself as an exception to the rule. Is this noble or foolish?


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