Before you submit your report, please use the following checklist to make sure your paper is ready for submission.

a. For your research report, you should have completed outside reading on an ethical or social responsibility issue related to the aviation, aerospace, or airport industries. You were allowed to use outside sources such as books, magazines, newspapers, a personal interview, and the Internet. Did you cite and reference all the sources that you used? Did you use a minimum of 5 current sources excluding the textbook?

b. For the information that you read, did you understand and summarize the information? Do you feel that you are familiar with the sources you cited and that you fully understand the vocabulary, concepts, and arguments that you used in your report? Did you follow the APA writing style guide in preparing your report?

c. This is a “Turnitin” submission which means that the paper will be cross-checked with other resources to assure that what you are submitting is original writing and not copied from other sources. So, this would be a good time to double-check that you have correctly cited any quoted material, and that any sections that you meant to rewrite into your own words are now done. Remember that copying large blocks of information and assembling this information into your report is unacceptable in this course, and that information taken or quoted directly from any source that you used must be followed by the appropriate citation giving credit to the author(s). In addition to “Turnitin,” other measures may be taken to cross-check the originality of your work. If you do not make sure that your work is original using your own words to explain ideas and information, then your report may be labeled as “plagiarism.” And, as you know by now, the penalty for plagiarism or citing nonexistent references is a failing grade for this course.

d. Did you type your paper with double-spaced paragraphs in Arial 12-point type? Is it about 8 to 10 pages long excluding the cover page and the reference page?


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