Environmental gamma radiation measurements

Environmental gamma radiation measurements


The project will assess activity of naturally occurring and man–‐made radioactivity Present in environmental samples.


The aim of the project Is to report on the activity of radioisotopes found in the environment in the North West Of England.


Perform a literature review to determine the extent and nature of the historical data available in this region where the samples were collected. Comment on the good measuring practice as detailed in the documents you find.

Investigating the nature of the site:

  • Is it liable to flooding?
  • The likely historical profile of data collected?

You will be expected to report on the activity in Bq/kg of the following categories of radionuclides;

  • Man made
  • Natural decay chain
  • Natural single occurring

A detailed report on the findings would be written

The report should:

  • Have figures and table captions as appropriate which should enable the reader to understand the content of the figure/caption independently of the main text.
  • Contain appendices if appropriate where material which would break up the main report narrative may be placed.
  • Make appropriate use of references to external sources. The list of references should be included at the end of the report in alphabetic or numerical order and referenced appropriately in the text. The use of references to web-sites is discouraged; material on these sources may not have been through the process of scientific peer review and hence may be unreliable;


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