For this discussion, you will use the virtual laboratory found at: http://glencoe.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/dl/free/0078695104/383930/BL_11.html

Visit the site and read the directions on the left side of the laboratory.  Be sure to click on the TV monitor to hear more about enzyme reactions and click on the Information button to read more about enzymes.

You’ll be designing and carrying out an experiment to determine 1) the effect of substrate amount on enzyme activity

  • Following the directions on the website, you should enter your data into a table (click on the computer monitor and note that you must manually transfer the results from the pop-up window into the table) and then click the graph button.  Capture the graph into a file by either using the “Snipping Tool” in your Windows menu, a screenshot of the graph, printing the file to a .pdf or scanning the printed page as a photo.
  • Post your graph and in your own words explain what conclusions can be drawn from the graph and what impact your results have on biological systems.  Be specific and provide real-world examples.


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