Perform a critical review of the following NIOSH Publication: 
Cheung, Z., Feletto, M., Galante, J., & Waters, T. (2007). Ergonomic guidelines for manual material handling (DHHS [NIOSH] Publication No. 2007-131). Retrieved from 
Click here to access a PDF of the NIOSH Publication No. 2007-131. 
You must specifically summarize and analyze the following information in the indicated NIOSH publication: 
• Engineering and administrative improvements 
• Proactive action plan 
• The three improvement options mentioned in the publication 

However, you may also discuss any other topics you find interesting in publication. 
The project must include, at minimum, the following components: 
1. Introduction 
2. Engineering and Administrative Improvements 
3. Proactive Action Plan 
4. Improvement Options 
5. Summary of your own opinions and comments on what you learned from the publication 
Your answer to this assignment must be three to five pages, double spaced, and 12 point font (separate title page and reference page are not included in the page length.


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