Erotic Themes in Art and Design

Erotic Themes in Art and Design

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This paper is an exposition, presenting an argument from the suggested readings. It must include structure principles, organized hierarchy and building understanding. Paper must be one paragraph and make explicit relations between ideas. (No quotes, no “for example”, no “ands” no “in addition” no “then” no “plus” no “also”, no italics, no adjectives). The required readings are: 1. Santayana, Reason in Society 2. Kierkegaard, Work of Love, 3.De Rougemont, Love in the Western World, 4. Ortega y Gasset, On Love: Aspects of a Single Theme. You should come up with your own research question that needs to be answered, using the philosophies from the required readings. It should be a comprehensive analysis and re-present the arguments of the authors.

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