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At least 8 sources with a minimum of 4 scholarly / academic sources (note: YouTube, time magazine, the New York Times, television shows, websites etc. Are not scholarly academic sources) conducting a critical analysis of an issue regarding gender, identity, or race. You can analyze a specific text (film, television show, Cd, radio show, blog, magazine, zine etc.) of media representation of gender, you can do a historical assignment of gender issues you can examine governmental policies related to gender, you can look at religious or political outlooks on gender, or any topic you decide to do. Whatever your choice, you must incorporate concepts from the course in your discussion and analysis (this is the book we used during the course Shaw Susan and Janet lee.(2009) Womens Voices, Feminist visions. 4th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN:978-07-351228-0). You should begin by posing the topic of your paper in terms of a question or a problem, RATHER THAN A GENERILIZED TOPIC. For instance to ask, “ how are women or men portrayed in prime time television dramas in the last 10 years, and what does this portrayals tell us about notions of gender, race and identity in the larger society?’’ is a far better start than to say “ I want to look at women on TV “ the paper will be then a detailed answers to your main question.

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