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Civil and Environmental Engineering Profession Portland State University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Fall Quarter 2015 Essay Planning Assigned: 10/9/15, Due: 10/16/15 (turn in printed copy at start of class) 100 pts – Grammar and writing clarity are the primary scoring criteria. 1. (15 points) Write a draft of your position statement in response to the Mead question for the 2015 essay. This should be 1-2 sentences. You can change this later without consequence. Something like: “It would be ethical for engineers to follow (not follow) local design codes if they…” 2. (5 points) A successful essay will have a context or case study on which to focus the discussion. For example, one could write about structural engineering and the use steel building codes or transportation and focus on highway design manuals and standards. Which civil engineering discipline do you expect to be the focus of your essay? 3. (20 points) What canons or fundamental principles of the ASCE Code of Ethics do you think you are likely to explore as they relate to the Mead topic for 2015? List them and briefly explain (in one paragraph) how you think the canon(s) will relate to your essay focus. 4. (50 points) Using the ASCE Library ( or other source, find two articles which have primary subject of engineering ethics or design codes in foreign locations that are relevant to your proposed essay focus. The selected article must appear in a journal (e.g. Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering) or industry professional magazine (e.g. ASCE Civil Engineering). Write a one paragraph summary of each article in your own words. Include the references in the format specified in the PSU CEE Style Guide as posted on the class D2L site under “Resources”. Use the ASCE format. Format Requirements: (10 points) Line spacing of 2. Maximum font size of 12 pt. Limit 2 pages. One inch margins. Must include page numbers. Indicate your response to each question by number. Multiple pages must be stapled.


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