esson plan and your self reflection of the recorded lesson lesson plan and your self reflection of the recorded lesson

Topic: U2-W13-L2                                            Lesson: Phonics: Vowels: r – controlled er,ir,ur                                                            Date: November 23, 2015


Common Core Standard Objectives Presentation

(30 minutes)


(30 minutes)


(20 minutes)


(10 minutes)

RF3 -Substitute initial phonemes in spoken words with /er/ .


Associate the sound /er/ with spelling er, ir,ur.


-Blend the read words with er, ir. And ur.


-Recognize and divide the pattern VCCV to decode words including   r – controlled vowels.


– Teacher uses the smart board to present the lesson.


-Pearsons website.


-Student Edition pg’s 121,125,130.


-Readers and Writers notebook.








-Ask children what they know about the vowel sounds in these words (barn, sport, chore and roar) . They are r – controlled vowel sound.


-Use sound – spelling cards

Display card 67.


-Have children blend with you and assist children with the articulation of phonemes as they blend sounds.

















Check Readers and Writers notebook to evaluate their understanding and completion of work.


-Reader’s and writer’s notebook pages 171, 172
Differentiation: Below level: Guided work.

On-level: Minimal guidance. Individual study.

Above level: Minimal guidance. Individual study.


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