Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Your goal is to build a Regression-Based DSS in Excel that can be used for predicting property prices. Please use the date set on real estate listings in Murray that you generated for your Assignment 1. You can generate this data again or supplement it with additional predictor variables if you wish.


1. Please submit an Excel work sheet with the following tabs:
a. Tab 1 named “Data”. This is where the data that you will use in regression analysis will be stored. Please make sure you clearly demarcate Y (the deepened variable) and X’s (the independent variables). Overall, it’s a good idea to use informative labels.
b. Tab 2 named “Regression Results”. This is where the output of your regression model will be stored. Please make sure you format it properly so I can easily understand the outputs.
c. Tab 3 named “DSS”. This is where you will create your DSS model based on regression results. Please make sure you include an explanation of your model (e.g. how you created it and how it should be used).


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