Expanded outline and Introduction

Writing Assignment Three—Expanded Outline and Draft of Introduction

The next step in your project will require you to write a draft of your essay’s introductory section and construct an outline for the rest of the paper that indicates where and how you will be using your sources.

The outline, like the paper, should be structured in sections, and here a familiarity with the ‘five paragraph essay’ might prove useful as it actually provides a decent guideline for how to arrange your sections. There should be an introductory section, several ‘body’ sections that unfold your argument and a conclusory section. Each section should have a pithy title, and your outline should list under each section heading what sources will be deployed in that section, and which parts of them will be used. (i.e., the specific chapters and/or page numbers)

Each of the main sections should also have at least one sub-point, though you are encouraged to add as many as you need.

Meanwhile, the draft of your introductory section should perform all the functions of the age-old ‘introductory paragraph’: it should grasp the reader’s attention, preferably with an epigraph; it should succinctly state your argument’s premises and conclusion(s); and it should guide the reader into the next section.

You will be graded firstly on completeness—are all of the main elements of the assignment present?—and secondly on grammar and style.


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