Explain the different types of visas

Please find the instructions on how to write this scholarship essay. It is copied and pasted below. There will be a few topic choices to choose from. It doesn’t matter to me which topic the writer chooses. I ask the writer please follow this criteria very carefully as this will be submitted to a board of judges. I want the best quality paper that will hopefully give me an optimum chance of winning.

The submission part I will handle.

With the ever increasing costs of college tuition, we understand that
the “American Dream” is getting harder to obtain. Many students leave school buried in student loan debt, which takes them years to climb out from under. As former law students ourselves, we know just how much time, dedication, and money it takes to become a practicing lawyer. We understand and would like to help. USAttorneys.com is pleased to announce that we will be holding an “USAttorneys.com Immigration Scholarship Essay Contest”. The essay winner selected will receive a $2,500.00 scholarship.

Any US resident or citizen that has been accepted to, or is currently attending, an accredited American university or college  (checks will be made payable to the college)

Any student who fits the eligibility requirements listed above can apply for the USAttorneys.com Immigration scholarship. To enter, the student must submit a 800 to 1000 word legal essay on ANY of the following topics:

2.How to Apply for a Work Visa H1B
3.The Importance of Having an Immigration Lawyer
4.Investment Visas
5.Explain the different types of visas

Please include the city and state where you live in the essay.
1. The city I live in is Amityville and the state is New York
2. Only if needed, the school I attend: Hofstra University

For submission, simply email your essay as an attachment, in PDF or Word format. Please include your full name, school you will be or are attending attending, and contact information to immigrationscholarship@damg.com

Essays will then be reviewed by the USAttorneys.com Scholarship Committee and the winner will be announced February 15, 2017 on the USAttorneys.com website. The winner will also be notified via email.  USAttorneys.com will be holding this essay competition every year, twice a year, for the foreseeable future.

Future dates: The fall scholarship deadline will be July 1, 2017 at midnight.

All essays received will be reviewed by the USAttorneys.com Scholarship Committee. One winner will be chosen for each academic semester – one winner for the fall semester, and one winner for the spring semester. The winner will be determined, then announced on February 15, 2017 on the USAttorneys.com website. The winner will also be notified via email by the USAttorneys.com Scholarship Committee.

The scholarship funds awarded are to be used for tuition and books only. Once awarded, a check will be written to the recipient’s school of choice and credited for academic costs.  Recipients are only eligible to receive the scholarship once during their lifetime.

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