Exploring An Issue

Exploring An Issue

Your purpose will be to write a short, clear essay about a controversy. You must do research on the controversy.
Research rules:
• You will need six sources, but no books!
• The six sources must be substantial articles. By substantial, I mean several pages, published within the last 9 years.
• No newspaper or popular magazine articles. Remember that popular publications, while they have websites, are still for a general audience, and are not necessarily reputable sources, as they want to sell their publications.
Possible topics:
• Why reality shows are so appealing to us these days
• An education problem, such as closing schools, busing, taxes, teacher strikes, school curriculum
• Environmental issues, such as whether wind turbines are effective, strip mining, landfills, zoning, global warming, natural gas extraction, etc.
• Music sharing on the Web–who should benefit?
• The effect of violent media or video games
• Diabetes–why is it so common or what should we do to curb it
• The causes of obesity or what we need to do about it
• The welfare system–who really needs it and how do we prevent people from taking advantage of it
• Immigration–are the laws unfair, considering all of our families immigrated in the past?
• Same sex laws, but stick to one area (same sex marriage or same sex health benefits, for example)
• Or another issue you find intriguing
Topics you may not use:
• Abortion, because you either believe it should be a choice, or you don’t.
• Anything sexist, racist, or homophobic.
• Topics that rely on sources we simply can’t verify. For example, my husband and I are opposed on how to read the Bible. He believes in Hell. I don’t. He believes that certain behaviors are sinful. I definitely don’t. Although we are both trained in the Bible, we cannot use the Bible to argue that we are “right,” since it is a matter of faith, and faith can’t be “proof.”

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