Exploring Intersections

Exploring Intersections
In preparation for this discussion, you Read two movie transcripts below. In these films transcripts, there are a number of different groups and ethical issues discussed. This discussion will focus on what you learned by watching these films.
The following points list your instructions for participating in this discussion:
1. After having reading the two films transcript below and noting themes related to diversity and ethics, take the two of the films transcripts below you found the most interesting and write a post that compares and contrasts the two films transcripts in your opinion. Here are your post content guidelines:
a. Who are the disenfranchised groups?
b. What are the differences and similarities between the groups?
c. What are the ethical issues that arise for both?
d. How are the ethical issues similar or different?
e. If the filmmakers suggested a solution, how are the solutions in each film different or the same? If no solutions are recommended, what would you propose? If one solution is recommended, what works or does not work, and what might you recommend for the film without a solution?
2. Write your post in 275-300 words.


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