facilitate skills development and maintenance







Steven is an 18 year old man with a severe intellectual disability. He has little speech, needs assistants with walking and preparation of meals. Steven has very low expressive language with form content and use disorders. Steven is able to communicate by pointing or nodding.

Steven has recently moved into supported accommodation with three other male teenagers.

The house is staffed 24hours a day with support workers who assist Steven and other residents with their needs.

During the week Steven goes to school and on weekend he participates in routine chores and whatever outings are planned and organised by staff. Steven has no contact with his parents but he does have an advocate.


  1. How can staff assess Steven’s skill development/maintenance needs?


  1. Identify at least five skills development and/or maintenance opportunities for inclusion in Steven’s individualised plan.


  1. Document assessment outcomes in line with organisation guidelines regarding Steven assisting with meal preparation, including any potential demotivators



  1. How might staff use appropriate communications techniques, to engage Steven in identifying his learning goals?







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