Family Life Education

Design a Proposal for a Family Life Education Experience
The 10 Family Life Education content areas can be found at

Choose ONE of the 10 FLE content areas, and design an educational program that addresses that area. Provide a description of program, including these topics:
What FLE content area are you addressing?
Of all the needs that families and individual have, why did you choose this topic?
Why do you feel there is a need for this kind of program?
Can you point to any similar existing programs? How will yours be different or better?
Goals of the Program: what do you hope participants gain by participating?
Target audience: families, kids, teachers, siblings?
Why do you think this is the right audience?
Format: face-to-face meetings (one or more?), online, phone, booklet, blog, newsletter, video?
Why do you think this is the right format?
What topics will you cover? Why?
What kinds of people can you enlist to help you make this program stronger?
What kind of funding will you need? Who might provide that funding?
What do you think the strengths of your program will be? What will the weaknesses be?
After the program is over, how will you assess if it met its goals?

Please be sure to include all of the answers to the above questions within the body of the paper. Thank you so much for your help and there is no rush…Take your time as it is due in about 3 weeks.


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