Female Gender Mutilation: Why it Exist

Female Gender Mutilation: Why it Exist


2.Research your topic by looking for information on treatment options or intervention approaches to assist women with that particular problem/disorder. Investigate your topic in depth; do not provide a broad survey of the topic.
3. Part A of the project should be 12-15 pages in content length. (The abstract, appendices and reference list are not included as content.)
4. The entire paper should follow APA format.
5. You must research at least 12-15 ?professional? resources for your topic. A majority (about 80%) of these resources need to be scholarly books, professional journal articles, or professional online websites with no more than 3-4 from professional websites. A combination of all three resources will earn you a better grade. Also, a majority (about 90%) of your resources must be published within the last 10 years.
6. You must include biblical integration as part of your treatment options.
7. Your paper must demonstrate your ability to integrate and synthesize the information you collect in your research. You should not cut and paste information from your sources. If you would like to include lists (example: symptoms, causes, etc.) for any reason, put them in an appendix and refer to them in your paper.
8. As you conduct your research, you may want to look for the following information, however, your primary focus must be on treatment options or interventions:
a. Description of the problem
Summarize the problem by providing a brief description of it.
b. Current statistics on the topic area
Provide any statistics you find in your research that discusses the prevalence or demographics of the problem. (Example: One in four women experience sexual abuse as a child.)
c. Symptoms of the problem
Provide a description of the most common symptoms experienced by someone with this problem. Also, include areas a counselor would want to specifically assess in the initial interview based on what you know about this issue.

d.Causes of the problem
Provide a summary of the general causes that lead someone to develop this type of problem. Include developmental and familial issues in this section.
e. Treatment of the problem ? This is the major part, about 50-60%, of your paper.
Provide treatment options that you find in your research. You should use more than 2-3 resources in this section.
f.Biblical perspectives on the problem
Provide verses or biblical examples that you can use to assist someone with this problem.
g. Homework assignments
Provide suggestions for homework assignments found in your research to assist a client in dealing with this problem. If you do not find any in your research, then make a few suggestions using your own creativity.



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