feminist anthropology class essay question

The discourse of “saving women” or “saving girls” has many powerful interests backing it. one example is GIRL EFFECT (www.girleffect.org), an initiative of the Portland based Nike foundation. when the organization was first formed, under the title Girl Effect U, its founders circulated a job description for a Girl Expert Director. If you were able to become the new director -or cross cultural consultant to the director- why might you want to include a feminist anthropologist as one of the experts contributing knowledge on how to best help girls? Write a short report to the Nike boards of directors arguing for the importance of feminist ethnographic research as part of the Girl effect U “knowledge systems” that will address their “key strategic pillars”.

**essay should incorporate at least one key concept from the following: 
sex/gender system
liberal (secular) feminism
cultural biography
mati work

**should also incorporate two of the following readings:
book: do muslim women need saving?
book: venus on wheels
book: the politics of passion by Wekker
Lisa Rofel, “Qualities of Desire: Imagining Gay Identities” and “From Sacrifice to Desire: Cosmopolitanism with Chinese Characteristics,” in Desiring China: Experiments in Neoliberalism, Sexuality, and Public Culture​
be as concrete as possible in examples, specify source and page number

**might be useful: 
1. To examine the historical junctures that have influenced the development of feminist
2. To examine how cultural understandings and representations of gender, women, sexuality are produced and destabilized in ethnographic studies. 
3. To gain an understanding of ethnographic method in the analysis of gender, culture, and power. 
4. To explore the goals of feminist anthropology in relation to questions of social justice, ethical representation, and theories of interpretation. 
5. To reflect on our own positions within the politics of knowledge production. 
6. To sharpen critical reading, thinking, writing, and discussion skills. 
7. To engage in a deep and sustained interdisciplinary conversation about gender, women, and sexuality in a cross-cultural context.


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