Film and TV Screen writing


Instructor: Ackerman, H.L.

Course: FILM & TV C132


Confidence turned upside down

It was two days before we sat for our C.A.T examination. I was getting so tensed and nervous since I had not yet prepared adequately for the exam. The C.A.T was crucial since it aided in boosting once overall mark. I needed to do something so as to avoid failing in the coming exam. I resolved to break into our instructors’ office and steal the exam. I was familiar with his office since I have visited it on several occasions; hence, it took me less time to locate where the he had placed the exams.

When the d-day for the exams arrived, I was beaming with a lot of confidence. I was making fun of my friends who were doing last minute preparations for the exams. I even went ahead and told t what to read and what topics they should avoid reading. During the exams, I did it very fast, and I was the first one to finish. Before I submitted my paper to the instructor, I posed for a little bit and took a good look at my classmates who were struggling to finish the paper while others were scratching their heads in an attempt of trying to remember what they had read

I stood up and walked majestically towards where the instructor was and handed over my paper. When the time for the C.A.T was over, I joined the rest of classmate and bragged about how easy the paper was. Deep within me, I was sure that I was going to do very well (Conrad).Two weeks later, the instructor brought back our papers and to my astonishment and disbelief, I was second last. All my classmate, whom I had made fun off, had passed and were now making fun of me. I wished the earth would open and swallow me. It was an awful feeling. I did not know what went wrong. I decided to counter check the exam paper I had stolen from the instructor’s office and what we were presented with in class. I was shocked to discover that though the examination papers were similar, they had some difference in that what we sat for in class appeared to have been revised (Conrad). It became clearer to me that I did not clearly read keenly the paper and through which I would have noticed the difference. I only rushed into doing the paper.




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