Final paper

Final paper

•    A critical analysis of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

What is a Critical Analysis?
If you plan on doing a critical analysis, you will need to evaluate and analyze the text.
What should you keep in mind?
?    Can you summarize the author’s meaning/theme/s?
?    Can you identify any symbols or metaphors? What do they stand for?
?    Some plot summary might be necessary, but retelling the story/piece, is not considered an analysis. Assume your reader has read the work, and now you will be analyzing it.
?    Explain the work by means of interpretation. The goal is to broaden and deepen your understanding of the work, and express this to the reader. The interpretation will often be the thesis of your work.

Remember, everyone will be required to do some outside research and select at least two (or more) sources to cite in the paper using MLA documentation (we will do a bit more review of MLA format – be sure to review the correct style for this prior to submitting your work to Turnitin). The Final Paper should no less than 7 pages, typed and double-spaced (using Times 12pt. font). The final paper is due on, 5/8, by 11:59pm

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