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As to the topic: there are different avenues you can take. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to branch off something we already discussed in class rather than go out explore something completely new on your own. It’s important you check with me so that I can give you some guidance for further readings to help you narrow in on a thesis. For instance, to take our recent discussions: I can send you an article presenting a Kantian critique of Singer’s argument, if you’re interested; or something on civil disobedience if you’re interested in reflecting further on the duty to obey and the duty disobey the law; or Rousseau’s 
critique of Locke which I was mentioning. 

Questions could be:
– what do we owe the global poor. Questions could be on the following topics. Ethics, morals, happiness. Evil, ethical egoism, cultural relativism

Please email me to discuss topics that you are most knowledgable in.


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