First Australians Social and Emotional Wellbeing

First Australians Social and Emotional Wellbeing

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Students are to read the following PBL scenario and discuss the Aboriginal people tend not to go to the doctor until it is too late. Why?



Tony is a 64 year old South Sea Islander/Aboriginal man who lives in Wynnum. Tony’s grandfather was brought to Australia as part of the ‘Blackbirding’ trade. Tony has had bronchial asthma all his life. He also suffers a number of other co-morbidities that impact upon his asthma.

Tony lives alone in Wynnum, however he spends much of his time working in far north Queensland. Tony has worked in community justice for the past three decades. He has worked for the government, as well as for communities and he is has worked in both urban and remote environments.

Tony does not smoke tobacco and he drinks alcohol rarely.

<Your Headings for the Case Report>

1. Summary of the Case
2. Prevalence of the condition/s within the Aboriginal population
3. Risk factors and the relationship between these and the Aboriginal population
4. Communication issues highlighted in the Case
5. Historical/Political/Cultural Issues highlighted in the Case

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