Food & Menu Planning

 Menu Planning and Nutrition in the Non Commercial Food Operations-


  1. Task Description

Do a research on non-commercial Food operations Menu Planning.

-Education – Schools


-Construction Sites

-Army Bases

-Business and Industry

The following questions will help to cover the major elements of the subject.

  • Describe the history and importance of Menu planning for Hospitals, Schools, Army and Business and industry employees
  • Identify and discuss the nutrition needs for each group of meal takers
  • Provide examples of menus with pictures
  1. Deliverable


  • Written document
  • Cover page
  • Executive summary
  • References (APA referencing)
  1. Written report format


  • Font: Calibri
  • Size: 12
  • Binded document.
  • Leave a right side margin for faculty member annotations.

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