Listen to this video :

After listening to the video multiple times, create 1-2 pages of notes of the lecture. This should contain the main points of the lecture and key examples. Follow the examples of note-taking in the book on pages 34-35 and 58-59. The notes should be typed and show appropriate use of indentation and key words.
On a separate page, in one paragraph (4-6 sentences) discuss the organizational structures you found in the video. Did the video use any of the following?
• Defining a term
• Listing Subtopics
• Cause and Effect
• Exemplifying a Topic
• Describing a Process or Sequence of Events
• Classifying
• Describing Characteristics
• Compare and Contrast
• Making a Generalization and Providing Evidence

These organizational structures can be found in Units 6-8. In your paragraph, explain how these types of organization are used in your video. Make sure to give examples from the video, too.

As you are watching the video, identify 10 unknown vocabulary items. Look up the definition in a dictionary of your choice and write them down with an example sentence included.

(The Powerpoint)

The powerpoint should include three slides

*What was the topic of the video?
* Why did you choose it?
*Where did you get the video?
*What were the main points of the video?
– Conclusion:
*What did you think of the video?
*Do you recommend the video to your classmates?


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