Gender and Leadership

1.) Look at Assignment Expectations instructions attached above.

2.) Peer review journals must come from Bethune Cookman University online Database website:

– Click : Academics à Carl S. Swisher Library à Resources

– You may want to select letter E for (EBSCOhost, EBSCO)

3.) I have attached APA format template concerning citations and in-text-citations

Final Paper-Leadership Literature Review (200 Points):

In this assignment, you are required to write a Leadership Literature Review paper based on the leadership theories presented in this course. You should not only explain the theories, but should discuss the various research/works done on each theory by referencing authors that have researched the theories. In addition, you may want to address theory shortcomings or relevancy in the 21st century workforce. This paper should be based mainly on journal articles even though you can still use your textbook(s) as reference source(s). This is an opportunity to begin the literature review that you will need for your thesis.

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