Generation Why by Zadie Smith crack or crevice

As you continue working on your reckoning essay, please keep the following requirements in mind. This essay must:

present an intellectual puzzle or problem that arises from a well-represented “crack or crevice” within your primary text and a deeply considered argument in response
look to 3 to 4 ancillary texts to reckon with that puzzle-problem and to synthesize that argument 

But what does “reckon” even mean?! Some possibilities:

consider the implications of 
contest (though this essay must transcend mere opposition) 
grapple with

How do I do that?! 

Your ancillary texts are the tools, and your original thinking is what will allow you to make use of them! 
Each text must have a reason for being there that is not simply because of the assignment requirements. You should be using each ancillary text to think about your intellectual puzzle-problem in a new way or to further complicate the question; if your texts aren’t serving you, you should find a new way to use them or new texts. Avoid conceptual redundancy as well as the “stacking” of sources; they should have a dynamic, interactive relationship. Pay attention to your transitions!
Remember the nature of this essay is recursive: you should be coming back to your intellectual puzzle-problem (and your primary text when you can) to consider it anew throughout. 

This essay should also:
clearly articulate an intellectual puzzle-problem (very likely in the form of a question) 
show, reflect on and question the moment from which your puzzle-problem arises 
feature thorough, strategic representations of your texts (particularly your primary text), as well as considerations of genre
demonstrate close attention to—and sophisticated incorporation of—your texts, by taking us to discrete parts of each
include interpretation, analysis and reflection original to you 
maintain clear and polished writing on the sentence-level throughout
possess structural integrity (a beginning, middle and end that work in tandem to best present your puzzle-problem, source texts, interpretation, and thinking-in-writing)
move forward, ending somewhere other than where it begins
resist simplistic opposition


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