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Geography is the discipline that’s concerned with the Study of the earth’s surface, how people respond to topography and climate and soil and vegetation. Over the years, geography as a field of study has tremendously grown and evolved. Technological advancements such as satellites and radars have modernized geography making it even more interesting. Now, if you seek geography assignment help from a trustworthy and reliable source, we are your best choice. Each and every day, for years now, our experts in providing geography related assignment solutions have helped students score excellent grades in the following areas:

  • Climatology & Meteorology
  • Coastal Geography
  • Hydrology & Hydrography
  • Remote Sensing
  • Social & Behavioral
  • Biogeography
  • Cultural & Development
  • Atmosphere & Pedosphere

Branches in geography

There are 2 major divisions in geography namely, Human Geography and Physical Geography. However there are other additional branches which include regional geography, integrated geography, and cartography. Majority or all of the additional divisions are sub-divisions of the two main branches.

Human Geography

This is the branch that is concerned with the study of the human species. It is mainly involved with the study of human interaction, backgrounds, behavior, groupings, culture, population, and how they organize themselves within different locations within their habitations. Human geography is greatly extensive and most of the additional branches in geography fall under it.

Physical Geography

This is the science and art of studying the earth’s natural characteristics including those on the surface and those near it. Physical features including both man-made and natural are studied in physical geography, for example; landscapes, terrain, the ecosystem, infrastructure and so on. Cartography, which is mainly concerned with the study of mapping and navigation falls under physical geography.

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