Geography in Middle East. The homework is about Islam.

Please write the homework with simple language. Make it very easy to read.

Based exclusively on the PowerPoint slides of topic 3, select ONE verse from the Quran, ONE hadith from Prophet Muhammad’s sayings, and ONE of the Five Pillars of Islam that you find significant and relevant to our time. First, provide the full quotes and sources of the selected verse, the selected hadith, and the selected pillar of Isalm so your reader can quickly verify your sources. Second, write a 250 to 350 word essay in which you explain the SIGNIFICANCE and RELEVANCE of the selected verse, hadith, and pillar to our time (the text of the verse, the hadith, the pillar, and their sources will not count towards the 250 to 350 words). Third, indicate briefly how ONE or more of the selected verse, hadith, and pillar could relate to ONE of the purposes of Islamic law and ethics (PowerPoint slides 89 and 128) and to ONE of the “isues and concerns” raised in the six short video clips (Western Muslims: Issues and Concerns). You must provide the number of the video or videos (1 to 6) and the minute or minutes (1 to 10) in which the “issue of concern” was discussed so your reader can quickly verify your sources. Homework 3 is worth 10 points (10 percent of your final grade). Sources for homework assignments MUST be cited briefly and ONLY between parentheses in the text. Each homework assignment in this course must be formatted as a Microsoft Word file.


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