Gerontology Images of Aging

Students shall make two (2) visits to an older person (over the age of 65) during the semester to learn more about an older person and the aging process. Students may visit one older person two different times or visit two different older persons. Students will submit two (2) four- page reports (1000 words each) separately about their elder visits. The first written report is due in Module 5 and the second is due in Module 12. Students should not use the elder’s name only their initials or a fictitious name and reports should not disclose sensitive information. Documentation of elder visits should include time and date and the main topic of discussion. Reports of elder visits should incorporate and specifically reference materials in textbook, lectures and/or other readings. The instructor will evaluate the efforts of each student not only for the content presented but also for spelling, grammar, punctuation, neatness, and organization of thought. Students will receive feedback on each assignment to help them improve their writing skills. Seventy-five points are earned for completing the elder visit by the due date and the second seventy-five points will be earned through meeting the objectives of the visit and including references to the textbook, lectures and other readings.p(4)

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