GGRC22 assignment 1

GGRC22 assignment 1 instructions: Critical case study


  • 5-6 pages double-spaced
  • No title page
  • Name, student number, course code in header
  • Page numbers in footer
  • Title centred at top of the page
  • Use appropriate headings
  • Times New Roman 12 (recommended)
  • REFERENCES: Reference at least 7 academic sources and 3 other sources. Include in- text citations and a reference list at the end of the document. Do not use endnotes. Use APA format.
  • Choose a case study that is of interest to you. This case needs to be a real-world example of an environmental conflict, development, or problem (like the ones we use in class). 
Please ensure that enough has been written about this topic in academic literature and news sources for you to write an in-depth description of the case and critically examine it from a political ecology perspective. (We can talk about this during our face-to-face meeting about your topic, or via email if absolutely necessary.)
  • In 5-7 pages, introduce the case study, state why it is a problem, and overview your argument (3⁄4-1 page); provide sufficient background on the case study (1-11⁄4 pages); describe why this case should be understood as political (rather than apolitical) in detail and discuss a critical tool/s of political ecology that can help explain why the case is political (e.g. to describe who is “winning” and “losing” through the case) (11⁄2-2 pages); argue which “Big Five” theme of political ecology that your paper contributes to and use academic literature on this theme to make your case (11⁄2-2 pages); conclude by summarizing your discussion and argument (3⁄4 page).

For good marks, be sure that your paper (as a whole) responds to the 5 Ws: Who is involved in the case study, what the stakes are for those involved, where the case occurred, when the case occurred, why the case is a political (rather than apolitical) ecology issue. (You do not need to cover all 5 Ws in one section. Just make sure that you address them throughout the paper.)

PLAGIARISM: Remember that plagiarism (using somebody else’s ideas, written or otherwise, without giving them proper credit) is a serious offense.



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