Given this equation, what drives environmental decline?

Suburban sprawl and human population growth

Given your readings this week, we will examine how human population growth causes “suburban sprawl.” Answer the following (you may have to do some external research):

  • Define suburban sprawl and describe how human population growth causes it.
  • List the negative, environmental impacts caused by suburban sprawl.
  • Describe alternatives to suburban sprawl and how we can enact them.


Population growth is critical to environmental change. IPAT (from both Week 1 and 2 readings) is an equation that describes four variables that interact to produce environmental change:

Impact = population × affluence × technology (or I = P × A × T)

Based on your knowledge of IPAT, answer these questions:

  • Given this equation, what drives environmental decline?
  • Compare the environmental impact of the U.S. against any developing country (try to calculate or find calculations for the actual “I” values); explain what factors contribute to these two different environmental impact factors (this will require external research—avoid repeating your peers’ choice of a developing nation).

Please: title your reply with the developing country you chose, so that your peers can easily scroll down the list to see which developing countries have *not* yet been chosen.

Note: always be sure to cite your external sources and include the link.

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