Global Marketing

The Brand is Blackberry mobile phones. 
Report on Revitalizing a Troubled Brand
You need to identify a brand which is currently experiencing some difficulties, such as declining market share or falling customer satisfaction levels. The brand’s problem(s) can be occurring in the UK or in any other country, but the existence of the problem(s) must be supported by secondary data from a reputable source. You are required to carry out a detailed analysis of the chosen brand and its market, and prepare an outline marketing plan, covering the next 12 months, for revitalizing the brand. 

The marketing plan should consist of the following (marks for each section are shown):

a) Situation analysis 
Analyse the current situation of the brand using secondary research data. You can use tools such as PESTEL and SWOT, but there must be evidence of analysis and you must present overall conclusions about the brand’s current situation. The situation analysis should also establish the nature of the marketing problem(s) currently faced by the brand; this must be supported by evidence. (20 marks)

b) Marketing Objectives
The marketing objectives for the brand must be SMART and must link clearly to the situation analysis and the marketing problem(s) identified. (10 marks)
e) Marketing Action Plan 
Present a summary of the key operational marketing actions required to achieve your marketing objectives and revitalize the brand. The marketing actions should cover product/service (including packaging), pricing and distribution channels. It is not necessary to cover marketing communications in this outline marketing plan. (40 marks) 
you are to do only A,B,E. Report format


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