Global Marketing

This paper should be a comparison between China and U.S in respect to the topic of global marketing.


  • TV Commercials and their differences in China and US (Eastern vs. Western Culture)
    • Pizza Hut is well known in China, Dominoes is not
      • Pizza Hut is marketed as a luxury store ($100 for 3 people to eat) Expensive
      • Different dishes (i.e. french chicken wings and wine) because of this they can become more famous than Dominoes can because they have different strategies
      • People wear different uniforms, The store is really large
    • EXAMPLE 1 (BIllboard + Subway advertisments)
      • KFC you won’t see billboards in china but you will in US
    • EXAMPLE 2 (Differences in car selling and marketing strategies)
      • smaller cars that save energy
    • EXAMPLE 3 (Talk about reputation and face and why you buy things)


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