global strategy


Write a report (approx. 2000 words) on the following topic:



1. You are required to review the academic literature in order to discuss the possible weaknesses that may occur within the value chain and, then, consider how such weaknesses may affect the performance of your chosen company (in the automobile or clothing industry). 

2. Please note the word “critically”, which means you must base your report on a good many sources and you must compare and contrast the assertions of several authors. 

3. You may illustrate your points with examples of your chosen company’s practices but these examples must be short and no longer than three lines long.

4. If your discussion relies on diagrams, etc., put them in the appendix and refer to them in your report.

5. You must not copy from your sources.

6. You must reference your academic sources appropriately within the text, using the correct format. Omitting to include any references in the text will result in a FAIL mark.

7. You must also cross-reference every reference in your report to a source on the final list of references. 

8. You must not depend solely on Internet sources (excluding journal articles) for your information, as this will result in a FAIL mark. 

9. You must check your work for language or typographical errors before submission.

10. You must comply fully with the rules for written work in the MIP.

Submission Date: Thursday 10 March 2016.
Please submit on Blackboard
Do not put your name or student number on your work.
You will receive feedback within 15 working days


 The content of your work should show evidence of:
• research of academic sources, especially journal articles
• a well-explained and logical structure
• a critical approach to your sources 
• understanding of the concepts 
• sound, well-rounded arguments
• attention to the brief (you must do what is asked)

 The presentation of your work will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• has appropriate format and headings 
• is written in an academic style and language
• is appropriately referenced, using the Harvard Referencing System, both in the text and on the list of sources.
• avoids use of shortened verb forms, 1st/2nd person or colloquialisms/journalese.
• is free of errors of grammar, spelling and typography
• achieves a similarity score of 10% or less on Turnitin.


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