Theoretical Analysis

Deviance Homework Assignment

Before working on the assignment, I recommend that you read over the Failed State power point & Theories of Deviance notes. Make sure you have a good understanding of the three perspectives of sociology – Functionalist, Integrationist, Conflict, & Post-modern. In addition make sure you understand the premise of the theories of deviance under these perspectives (specifically the ones we went over in class lectures). These include strain theory; social bond theory; differential association theory; labeling theory; and the broken windows theory.

Keep in mind that inspiration of Gotham City came from NYC below 14th street, from SoHo to Greenwich Village, the Bowery, Little Italy, Chinatown and the sinister areas (of the time) around the base of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. However, other artists view the 1940s mobster history of Chicago as the basis for Gotham.

Gotham’s atmosphere is cold, dark, wet, dangerous and ripe for deviance and crime. It images include urban decay and abandoned architecture; tall buildings or art deco and art nouveau style; technologically advanced buildings (such as Wayne Enterprise) dystopic areas of poverty (homelessness under the bridges); decaying public buildings (the asylum, and the penitentiary); sinister lounges and bars; and opulent mansions of Gotham’s suburb (the Wayne Manor).


For the Asignment:

  1. You will pick a Batman movie of your choice (must be a version of DC Comics’ movie, not the TV episodes) and discuss & analyze the City of Gotham through the lens of sociological perspectives and specific theories of deviance.
  2. You will need to discuss:
  • Gotham’s basic characteristics in regards to its economic, social, political, governmental, philanthropic relationships.
  • Are there major issues facing Gotham?
  • The role of police and corruption as the underlining theme of social disruption of Gotham.


  1. You will need to discuss the role of police and corruption at the underlining themes of social disruption in and of Gotham.
  • Discuss the relationships (pick two of the following to include in your analysis)
    • Between the city officials/leaders and citizens
    • Between the city officials/leaders and the police department
    • Between the city officials and the criminal leaders
    • Between the police department and the criminal leaders
    • Between the criminal families
    • Police
    • Government
  1. You will need to analyze the following in regards to the theories of deviance:
    1. Discuss the relationship of crime to Gotham’s (pick one of the following for your analysis):
      1. Poverty
      2. Homelessness
  • Economy
  1. Discuss corruption in Gotham’s (pick one of the following for your analysis):
    1. Police
    2. Government

Your paper will be:

  • Must have at least 2 sources (Wikipedia does NOT count)
    • Movie itself & the sociology textbook (or any other place that you use to get information on the theories)
  • Sources must be listed in APA format
    • Please visit for appropriate citation assistance.
  • Content must be paraphrased; you may NOT use my lecture notes word for word in your paper!
    • Please visit for appropriate paraphrasing assistance.


Just for your information, a breakdown of Gotham’s underground (criminal) society through the years:

  1. Crime families in Gotham:
    • The Falcone family (Italian)
    • The Galante family (Italian)
    • The Maroni family (Italian)
    • The Odessa family (Ukrainian)
    • The Riley family (Irish)
    • The Sabatino family (Italian)
    • The Dimitrov family (Russian)
  2. Gangs in Gotham:
    • Ghost Dragons (Chinese)
    • Golden Dragons (Hong Kong)
    • Intergang
    • Penguin’s gang
    • Sprang Bridge soldiers
    • Blackgators gang
    • Hanoi Ten (Vietnamese)
    • Batboys
    • Five Fingers



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