Grading rubric for Critical Analysis assignments

Submit a APA format, double-spaced, 12 font MS Word document for the assignment below. Refer to the grading rubric for Critical Analysis assignments.

Your department head wants you to perform a cost analysis and provide data to the CFO next week. The budget information below comes directly from your accounting department and the figures are correct, however you know that your CFO’s time is important and she often asks for ratios that are not calculated by your accounting department. Your department head has challenged you to present common ratios as he wants to mentor you for a potential assistant director position. Your figures need to be specific and accurate. Since you do not know “exactly” which figures to present, you decided to cover the Eight Basic Rations Used in Health Care. This way, you can answer any question intelligently. Use page 122 of your book for the formulas and use the data listed below to detail your answers for each ratio (you will have eight answers). Also provide a brief narrative of the “overall” financial viability of your department per the data presented.

Current Assets = $18,000,542.00

Current Liabilities = $12,240,543.00

Cash & Cash Equivalents (combined) = $8,150,785.32

Cash (separate from Cash Equivalents) = $3,265,254.12

Net Receivables = $9,458,236.89

Unrestricted Cash = $1,285,562.23

Cash Operation Expenses = $600,542.14

Net Credit Revenues = $4,120,563.12

Change in Unrestricted Net Assets = $2,250,456.00

Yearly Interest = $152,953.23

Depreciation = $526,423.12

Amortization = $118, 430.00

Maximum Annual Debt Service = $2,292,456.12

Total Liabilities = $14,230,230.56

Unrestricted Fund Balances = $1,978,234.39

Operating Income = $9,256,456.13

Total Operating Revenues = $10,456,235.65

EBIT = $12,120,456.45

Total Assets = $18,000,542.00

Here is a link to the book if needed.


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