Greek and Roman galleries at the Metropolitan

Greek and Roman galleries at the Metropolitan
You are required to visit the Greek and Roman galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art .You will choose five objects from the museum’s collection that show how the Greeks or Romans represented a particular theme in their vases, statuary, and other objects. Both partners must write a paper.

The goal of this paper is for you to take your knowledge of ancient Greece and apply it to objects in a museum and vice/versa. You will begin by choosing a topic from the list below and look for objects that can be a part of that theme. What do these five objects tell us about the way that ancient Greeks thought about things like death, combat, or religious worship?

Think of yourself as a kind of curator or museum designer: what five objects from the Greek and Roman gallery would you take and put in a museum exhibit on one of these themes?

Themes (Choose ONE)
1. Death or Funerals
2. Religious Worship and Celebrations
3. Artistic Competitions (musical, dancing, speaking, etc.)
4. Military Competition (War, combat, battle)
5. Mythic Stories
6. Women’s Role in Society
7. Dionysus and Drinking
8. Sports

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