Group discussion questions and individual questions

Part 1. (Indicative )
You are required to keep notes on all questions set in the tutorials (both the group discussion questions and individual questions). As a guide you should write approximately 1-2 pages of notes for each tutorial (this will vary do to the nature of the questions). For group discussion questions the notes should contain, when possible a number of different views and should attempt to show that a discussion has taken place. You should also include any references to material you have found with a brief description of the material.
The notes produced (from the group and individual questions) will form part 1 of the assessment 
Group discussion notes to be written in the first person, individual questions to be answered in the third person.

Completeness and quality of notes to all the tutorial questions (including the discussion and individual questions).
Show that a discussion of a number of key issues have been discussed within the group.
Shows an understanding and awareness of the key issues involved.
Quality of the notes.
Appropriate references used 

@@Part 2. (Indicative )
You are required to submit a short PowerPoint slideshow presentation – of approximately six slide. You should also add notes, to the notes section of each PowerPoint slide.
The slideshow is aimed at raising an awareness of the key issues of professionalism to newly appointed employees about to enter the work force for the first time in the computer industry. The slideshow should address the key points raised in the professionalism lectures and tutorials and must draw from the notes you have written to the tutorial questions in Part 1. The presentation should be appropriate to the target audience. @@

please do only part 1 and answer all the questions group discussion questions and individual questions


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