Gum violence

Since the recent killings at Newtown, CT elementary school, gun violence has been one everyone’s mind and has been debated all over the media. On January 8, 2013 Forum at HSPHLink (Links to an external site.) Event examined the legal, political, and public health factors that could influence future efforts to prevent gun massacres.

Go to the link, watch the presentation and then join the discussion. After completing all of the questions. Answer the question with the number. Cite your referents
1. How does gun violence in the US compare to other developed nations?
2. is violent behavior genetic or learned?
3. How has violence affected children’s health? Give some specific examples.
4. What are the challenges in gun regulation? (And what do we mean by “perfect is the enemy of the good”)
5. What specifically is the US constitutional right to arms? What exactly does the 2nd amendment say and mean (please quote the 2nd amendment)?
6. Is gun violence a public health or political problem?
7. Is there a history of gun control in the USA? If so, give some examples.
8. How can we change the social norms on gun violence? Give some specific examples.
9. What are some myths and facts about having a gun in the home?
10. Name at least 2 individual and 2 population based educational strategies for gun safety?
11. In addition to gun regulations, what other factors contribute to gun violence?
12. What did you think of this webcast? What did you think/learn from it? Was there anything that surprised you or caught your attention? How has it altered or strengthened your attitude on gun violence. Please explain your current position on gun violence.


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