Hawaiian as an official language in the state of Hawaii

Then, elaborate to give a long answer, by covering the following:

1. Why Hawaii has two official languages
1a. Describe what happened to the Hawaiian language since contact with the West

1b. Explain the historical reasons for why Hawaiian became an official language in Hawaii

2. Actual usage of Hawaiian in Hawaii today
2a. Describe Hawaiian’s domains of use (where is it used?) today. Give one specific example for each domain.

2b. Evaluate the status of the Hawaiian language today. Is it thriving or is it endangered? Give specific supporting evidence. 

3. The future of the Hawaiian language
3a. Discuss the factors that may threaten a language’s survival. For each factor, give an example from another language other than Hawaiian.

3b. Discuss the factors that may help a language to thrive. For each factor, give an example from another language other than Hawaiian.

3d. In light of the discussions in 3a and 3b, speculate on the future of the Hawaiian language: Do you think Hawaiian will thrive or perish in the next few decades? Give specific supporting evidence. 

4. Finally, show your friend one sample of Hawaiian in use today (conversations, songs, radios, videos, websites, etc.). Include the URLs of the sample.


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