History and significance of William Shakespeare and his plays as they were written

The purpose of this discussion is to investigate the history and significance of William Shakespeare and his plays as they were written to be performed. After reading Chapter 8, The World of Shakespeare (pp. 168- 203) in Theatrical Worlds, submit your initial response to the following 6 question prompt by 11:00 p.m. on 11/18 and 2 replies (as described below) by 11:00 p.m. on 11/23 in your team’s Forum entitled “Discussion 9: “Shakespeare” (linked below). This is worth 10 pts.- [See the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric in the Syllabus and as an attachment to this Forum topic]. Prompt: 1. What did you learn about William Shakespeare that you did not know before? Be specific. 2. How did the culture and time in which Shakespeare lived and wrote affect his life and the plays he wrote and produced? Be specific. 3. What influences has Shakespeare had on the world of theatre over the centuries? 4. After watching the 2 video excerpts below of Shakespeare’s comedies, Much Ado About Nothing and Taming of the Shrew, what choices do the actors make vocally and physically that enhance your understanding of the language used? https://isidore.udayton.edu/access/content/group/75584bfd-ff6f-406c-b197-f7f8bf244442/https%3A__www.youtub20150512140358.URL https://isidore.udayton.edu/access/content/group/75584bfd-ff6f-406c-b197-f7f8bf244442/https%3A__www.youtub20150512140528.URL 5. After watching the video excerpt below from one of Shakespeare’s tragedies, King Lear, what do you think about the contemporary production concept? https://isidore.udayton.edu/access/content/group/75584bfd-ff6f-406c-b197-f7f8bf244442/https%3A__www.youtub20150512142808.URL 6. Why do you think William Shakespeare is considered, “the greatest writer and dramatist in the English language” (Fiebeg 168) ?


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