Homeland Security

Homeland Security 

It’s 4 Questions I have to answer them based on my understanding it’s a straightforward questions. Each question 250 words. 

GCC “Gulf Cooperation Council” to be specific United Arab Emirates.

Use Course Textbook. 

Mark A. Sauter, James Jay Jarafano, A Complete Guide: Homeland Security, McGraw Hill Publishing, New York, 2012, ISBN 10: 0071174009 

1. How can the United States Homeland security idea be implemented in the GCC?

( Base Structure on United States Homeland security set up of agencies )
(Answer): The Student Must analyze the current GCC government implementation of emergency management. Through analysis they most explain using principles and strategic plan of the Homeland Security. How to implement the plan here tailored to GCC needs. 

2.What problems will the current judicial system in the GCC do in enforcement of the Homeland Security Theory. 

( Base argument on the issues in the US judicial system of prosecution and how the US terrorism differ. Adapt to the Sharia Low Format here. )

(Answer): The Student must show the rules of law do not always apply to the benefit of the government due to the Due Process of Law and the defendants’ rights. 

3. How can we sell the idea and true value to the Homeland Security Theory in the GCC?
(Answer): The Student must show how the benefits of enforcement of principles of Homeland Security make a more efficient operation during times of emergency. Also, the control and protections of government critical areas. 

4. What are the stumbling blocks in enforcing the Homeland Security Plan in the GCC?
(Answer): The students must show how the GCC government will deal with issues they will have in integration. Also, what are the suggested recommendations to be made based on lessons learned from the areas of complications with the United States Department of Homeland Security program.


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