Homeland Security

The paper should build on your proposal and lit review (with improvements in editing and content as needed) and should be about 18-20 double-spaced pages with 1″ margins, not including the cover page, the reference list, and any appendices. Do not right-justify the text. The following is a good guideline to use, along with suggested page lengths for each section. Note that the Analysis section is the most lengthy and significant part of the paper.

I’ve attached a sample final paper here, and although it is longer than required, you will see that it contains all of the elements below.

I. Introduction (1-2 pages)

a. Background on topic (why is it important to study?).

b. Clearly stated research question (do not compose a question that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” response).

c. Hypothesis (your tentative answer to your research question).

II. Literature Review (6-7 pages)

a. Using the recommendations for the lit review from the instructions on the proposal section, make sure to organize this review around themes or variables that will help you answer your question. Don’t just summarize. Remember the literature review is all about the conclusions, concepts, ideas, and theories of other authors. It is not the same as the data that you will use later.

b. Summarize the literature review by showing what your tentative answer is based on what other authors have said about your topic. Use the other authors to help you, but don’t just summarize what they have said.

III. Theory and Methodology (1-2 pages)

a. Theoretical Framework — how does your paper relate to the theories in the field of IR. If your paper is not especially theoretical, this might not apply to you.

b. Methodology — justify the way that you are answering your question by showing that it’s the best way to do it.

IV. Analysis & Findings (8-9 pages)

a. This is the primary section of the paper where you lay out your data and the analysis using your methodology and information/data. Remember, data is not the same as the literature review. Data is facts and information.

b. present your findings and summarize them.

V. Conclusion (2-3 pages)

a. Recap and briefly summarize your findings as they relate to answering your research question and either supporting or not supporting your hypothesis.

b. Give a strong conclusion that shows very clearly what you found.

Submission Instructions: Your paper will be reviewed by turnitin. Please be sure to limit your quotes to less than 10-15% of your paper. Know the plagiarism rules. Check your Turnitin results and resubmit paper if the similiarity index shows possible plagiarism


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