Homeric epic and the post-Mycenaean Aegean

As an introduction to Homeric epic and the post-Mycenaean Aegean, read 4.2.1 in the AW:R textbook. This passage from the Iliad describes a shield made by the god Hephaistos for the hero Achilles. First, try to draw it…make the best effort you can. In doing so, consider why it’s so difficult to depict and what this says about the epic tradition and write down some brief reactions. Why is the shield so otherworldly? Why does it (apparently) have moving parts? What kind of world is depicted on it? On it, two cities are depicted, among other scenes; one city is at war, the other one is peaceful. Write about what’s going on in the peaceful city and what is important in this society, specifically as it contrasts with the warlike society which you may know from the rest of the Trojan war mythic cycle.


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