Household Hazardous Products

Part I: Download the attached Survey document by clicking on this link: Survey  or the direct link,

Evaluate your household for the hazardous products listed and report on how you’re doing.  Research and provide a brief report, in your own words, on two of the hazardous chemicals listed on the survey, focusing particular attention on what effects these chemicals have on both human health as well as on the streams, lakes, rivers and bays.

Part II: Then download the Recipes document by clicking on this link: Alternative Recipes or the direct link,

Compare two of the recipes or suggestions listed in the document to the over-the-counter options.  Evaluate each for efficacy, cost and ease of use and explain which you’ll use in the future and why. If you have used or know of other recipes or products that are environmentally friendly, you are encouraged to share those with the class as well.



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