How Can Buyer-IT Service Provider Relationship Affect the Operational Performance of the Buyer Firm Through the Mediating Role of IT Logistics Applications?

Designing the questionnaire for the purpose of testing the research hypotheses. You need to use “Likert scale” start from 1 strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree. You have four main constructs to measure
– Contract formality/specification of Buyer- IT service provider contractual relationship 
Relation strength/relational ties of Buyer- IT service provider relationship
Operational performance of the buyer firm 
Buyer IT capability.
You need also to collect descriptive and demographic questions (e.g. firm size, industry types, work experience, position, and department. 
Questionnaire pilot testing,
You need to design the questionnaire cover letter that should include brief idea of the purpose of the research and a statement for ensuring the confidentiality concern;
You need to decide on the research population and sampling technique. 
Data collection
Data analysis that will include
Data cleaning,
Reliability test of the questionnaire response
Data validly using Cronbach Alpha and composite validity 
Using multi-variance data analysis 
Finding and discussion


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