How does Mary Rowland son distinguish between Puritan and Indian society

What are the most-important distinctions she draws? In a 5-page double-spaced, well-edited essay, select 3-4 crucial differences she draws, and then lay them out in one paragraph each, using quotes and paraphrases from the book to support your ideas.

Then, as your conclusion, use Foner’s very different description of Native American practices and customs to try to imagine an alternative way of reading some of the practices she describes and disdains. How does Foner’s viewpoint help you see the potential logic in things Rowlandson finds baffling, or the meaning in things she finds meaningless?

PS: ONLY cite the sources from the required books.
(1.Eric Foner, Give me Liberty! Seagull Fourth Edition, Volume 1.
2.Mary Rowlandson, Account of Mary Rowlandson)


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