How Governmental policies can influence the development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Full topic is below since the system permits to have no more than 100 characters :
How Governmental policies can influence the development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?
Development of CSR in United Arab Emirates in comparison to European Union practices.

In attachment you will find a proposal with table of content.
The job is done until the chapter 6. I will need a writer to take over and start with chapter 7 onward. Conclusion and recommendations leave for me.
The table of content is primary and can be changed and adjusted a little, in case it needed.
I understand that topic is quite specific and not much can be found on United Arab Emirates in literature, therefore information which is available online regarding CSR in UAE can be used, but rephrased since we have turnitin(plagiarism check) in our University.

I will attach dissertation i found online on similar topic, might be helpful for a writer.
Chapter 8 requires primary research i will try to provide writer with two interviews as soon as he/she contacts me.

Paper has to be done in Harvard referencing style.

feel free to contact me at any time if additional information is needed.


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