How I Replenish the Fuel in My Automobile

Your topic for this examination is: “How I Replenish the Fuel in My Automobile” (yes- your own car or truck). Your reading audience is: “A group who are new to driving automobiles” (first-time users/new drivers unfamiliar with regular daily operational aspects of using an automobile). Keep in mind this is how you go about re-fueling your own vehicle, based on your own experiences, choices, budgetary concerns, locations, procedures, and driving habits; it will not just be a generalized set of instructions.

Clearly identify/space break in your submitted work between the three required components listed below:
1. Provide a Memorandum introducing and describing the purpose of your topic and subsequent instructions and report. Utilize all proper memo format elements, including a memo header at the top of the page.

2. Develop a detailed Set of Instructions for all of the considerations, tasks, and procedures in “Replenishing the Fuel in My Automobile” to enable another person to perform this function. Inserted visual graphics are not a requirement.

3. Write a memo proposal (using the informal proposal in memo-style format), to report on and justify why you recommended procedures are particularly effective in helping your intended readers understand how to re-fuel their cars. Be a proponent of your own experiences, and ability to advise others, on the issue. Make sure your proposal information is limited enough in scope to be covered fully in an informal proposal with memo-style format, utilizing this brief report format.


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