How religion was used to govern before 1450 (analyze)

Construct an essay Analyzing similarities and differences in how TWO of the following empires used religion
to govern before 1450.

Byzantine Empire

Islamic Caliphates

Mauryan/Gupta Empires

• Have a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with appropriate historical evidence.

• Address all parts of the question.

• Use world historical context to show continuities and changes over time.

• Analyze the process of continuity and change over time

• Makes direct, relevant comparisons

• Analyzes relevant reasons for similarities and differences.

**Page #1: Thesis statement +Historical background
**Page #2-4: At least one piece of evidence per page to support thesis
**Pg #5: Conclusion, Reiterate thesis

***Works cited page essential, This essay has to be 5 pages long, APA format, One source per page starting on second page.


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